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Workers Compensation risk for pet care businesses

One reward of working in the pet care industry is the emotional fulfillment of working with and caring for animals, especially if you are a devoted animal lover. But caring for pets comes with its own physical challenges and risks.

For small business owners in the pet care industry, like kennels, catteries and pet hotels, who have employees looking after the animals that are in their care, this means a substantial business risk. Employees are entitled to be compensated for any physical harm that they come to in the course of their duty of work.

There was a recent *case  of a kennel assistant who was struck by two cars when he chased a customer’s dog who ran into a highway suffered an injury that arose out of the course of his employment. The court ruled that he was entitled to workers compensation.

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While animals’ behavior can be unpredictable and such incidents can not really be controlled, business owners can still take steps to minimize their unexpected losses when such mishaps do take place, as they most likely will, some time or the other when you are operating in the pet care industry. This is where insurance comes in.

Having your pet care business insured adequately goes a long way in preventing unexpected losses from hitting your bottom line when you are working so hard to grow your business successfully. You may sometimes need expert insurance advice to ensure you have the right covers and adequate protection which is perfect for your business, because being over-insured is equally bad as it drains your funds for something that you don’t need.

Many pet care business owners find it very beneficial to have their business insured with a specialised pet care industry business insurance provider. One of the benefits of using an industry expert is their industry-specific advice and guidance on how to mitigate the risks like workers compensation, third party liability and so on.

One of the leading specialist pet industry business insurance providers in Australia is Petplan Professional Insurance. With a brand name that is practically synonymous with ‘pet care’ and ‘outstanding customer service’ all over the world and the solid backing of QBE, this insurance product is becoming more and more popular with vets, breeders, kennels and pet retail businesses. It is easy to obtain a Petplan Professional Insurance quote by submitting a request on the website.

However, as they say, prevention is always better than cure. It is always recommended to keep the workplace as safe as possible and follow all the safety guidelines and procedures. We know animals can sometimes be unpredictable, but taking precautions means reducing the likelihood of incidences of physical harm to employees.

At the end of the day, everyone who chooses to work in this fur-filled and love-filled industry has to embrace a little bit of risk in order to reap the wealth of happiness and satisfaction that working with animals has to offer.

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